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About PsychSIGN

The Psychiatry Student Interest Group Network (PsychSIGN) is a national network of medical students interested in psychiatry, from those with a rough interest in the brain and mind to those already in the residency application and match process. We connect students across the country to their peers, to psychiatry residents, and to practicing psychiatrists from a broad range of subspecialties. We provide mentoring opportunities, resources for your health and career, and ideas for expanding your interest group.

PsychSIGN is comprised of psychiatry interest groups at medical schools across the country. We divide our member schools into regions depending on the school’s location. Each school is headed by a Region Chair elected by PsychSIGN members at the national convention. Regions get together for the region conference annually and are kept up to date with National PsychSIGN and the APA through newsletters and monthly updates. There are no membership costs for the schools in PsychSIGN and the events we hold are also open to the students at no cost.

PsychSIGN holds an annual conference in conjunction with the APA Annual Meeting. The first meeting was held in May 2006 in Toronto, ON and drew over 100 students representing 60 medical schools. In 2013, we hosted our 8th annual conference in San Francisco, California. In addition, PsychSIGN holds a number of regional conferences throughout the year, often in conjunction with professional meetings such as the Institute on Psychiatric Services, the American Medical Association National Meeting, and the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.